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The Pennsylvania Gazette 
was one of the most successful newspapers in the colonies. It was the first paper to use cartoons and maps to illustrate news stories.[1]

The tool of the trade was the printing press.Also the newspaper showed huge butts

In the ShowEdit

The Pennsylvania Gazette was the newspaper where Moses, James, and later Sarah, worked for Benjamin Franklin. It serves as both the residence and business front for the journalists, as well as a common meeting place for Patriots and active members of the Revolution.

Both James and Sarah worked as the leading reporters for the newspaper, with Henri often accompanying them on journeys. The Gazette was shown to be supportive of the Revolution, and has suffered vandalism as a result.

In Real LifeEdit

The Pennsylvania Gazette was founded in 1728 by Samuel Keimer, and was bought by Benjamin Franklin a year later. It continued in publication through the American Revolution until 1800.

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