This is an article for The Intolerable Acts (episode). Do you mean The Intolerable Acts (Historical Event)

The Intolerable Acts
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date  9/3/2002
Written by Doug McIntyre
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The Boston Tea Party
United We Stand

The Intolerable Acts was the second episode of Liberty's Kids.


This episode is about the Intolerable Acts and continues were the first episode left off of.


Continuing were The Boston Tea Party left off, Moses, James, Henri, and Sarah were staying at Phylis Wheatley's place. Sarah is writing to her mother, Lady Phillips, stating that the Boston Tea Party is "One party, she wish she would've miss." Worst is that they're hiding from His Majesty's troops and Benjamin Franklin is not back yet.

Boston, Massachuttes

In the morning, James and Henri were at the docks "counting ze English" troops that just arrived. Turns out that Boston is closed by Parliament's orders and is occupied by the British. James knows that this is a huge story and he must report it.

London, England

Benjamin Franklin was , according to  , the Boston Tea Party was made because they were influenced by the doctor's writings.

Boston, Massachuttes

When both James and Henri came back to Phyllis Wheatley's place, they found that there's also redcoats there. The leader does not like Hiller

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