This is an article for The Hessians Are Coming! episode. Do you mean The Hessians Are Coming! (Historical Event)?

The Hessians are Coming!
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date 10/2/2002
Written by Jim Fisher, Jim Staahl
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The Hessians are Coming! is the twenty-third episode of Liberty's Kids. James learns about how not all of the enemy wants to be associated with the enemy.



James Hiller was with the Continental Army, when he got separated from the group. There he stumbled upon some of the British Army's camp follwers, Baroness von Riderson's three daughters, in the woods. In the end, both James and Sarah witness the Battle of Saratoga, Sarah from her coverage of Benedict Arnold, and James from the vantage point of being tied to a Hessian deserter.