This is an article for the In Praise of Ben (episode). Do you mean In Praise of Ben (Historical Event)?

In Praise of Ben
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date 11/8/2002
Written by Phil Harnage
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In Praise of Ben is the thirtieth episode of Liberty's Kids.


While helping Henri out of a lurch, Sarah, James, and Moses retold about some parts of Benjamin Franklin's early accomplishments, childhood, and adulthood to Charles Montgomery and his father.


When Sarah Phillips return to Dr. Franklin's home to Philadelphia after her long journey such as her father Samuel Phillips, Captain John Paul Jones and Lady Phillips in London, England.

Sarah wonders if she would Henri James and Moses were thinking about Sarah now. Moses and James return to the Pennsylvania Gazette and Moses saw Sarah coming to Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

When Sarah talks about her journey and when she says "the worst food I ever ate", she wonders where Henri is. Then they hear shouting from outside.

When they go outside they see Charles Montgomery and Henri strangling each other and fighting. When Henri notices Sarah he looks up and calls "Sarah?" but Charles pulls him back down. Moses grabs them by the backs of their shirts and brings them back in.