This page is about how Liberty's Kids was made.

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How Liberty's Kids is MadeEdit

If you have ever wondered how your favorite cartoon shows get made, we're going to show you how right now.

Liberty's Kids took almost two years to make. But before we could even start we had to decide just how to tell the stories. So we took some time to develop the idea.

Our original concept was to use two apprentice reporters in Ben Franklin's Print shop. One would be loyal to England (Sarah) and the other to America (James). This gives us the balanced point of view that we feel is important.

Once we had this in place we began to develop the stories and other characters with our writers. At the same time, we began researching the most exciting stories and people of the revolution.

The next step was to begin designing the characters and scenes that we would show. Here is a shot of one of these first scenes.    

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Once we had the main characters, stories and designs, we really went to work. A full team of production people worked in Los Angeles, Europe and Asia in order to get all of the work done. Here is the progression of one show so that it is easy to understand.

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First the script is written from all of the research the production team has compiled.

Next, the characters, backgrounds and props that are in that script are designed.              

Next, a storyboard of the script is drawn which shows how each section of the script will look.

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When the storyboard is done the actors are brought together and they record the voices of the characters. Then the voices are cut to match the exact timing of the show. All of this information then goes to the animation team. Here, they make the characters move and give them expressions.

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<Finally, when the animation is done, it all goes into a computer and the scenes are cut together with sound effects and music. The final result is a show...

And that is how Liberty's Kids was made.