Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race German
Faction Hessian
Health Good
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Status Alive
Location New Brunswick

Gunter is a Hessian musician who is accused of being a deserter, and tied to James, who is falsely accused of being an American spy, in the episode "The Hessians Are Coming! ." At first, Gunter was counting on Corporal Schmidt, a friend of his, to report to the Duke of Brunswick and tell him of his innocence, but when he is killed in battle, Gunter is forced to run away with James. Though Gunter and James argue at first (due in part for James' failure to understand that not all the Hessians are Hessians; Gunter explains that he is from Brunswick, another region of Germany, and that Hessians come from a region of Germany called Hesse-Kassel), they eventually begin to understand each other and become more sympathetic, and eventually they are joined by another group of Hessians who'd decided to desert the British as well.