Here you will find a list of the cast of "Liberty's Kids".

Main CastEdit

Bts talent wkronkite

Walter Kronkite

                                               Walter Cronkite         Benjamin Franklin

Reo Jones      Sarah Phillips

Chris Lundquist        James Hiller

Kathleen Barr            Henri

D. Kevin Williams      Moses

Supporting CastEdit

Carl Beck Udney Wolf-Hutchinson
Bts talent acarter

Aaron Carter

Annette Bening         Abigail Adams

Warren Buffett          James Madison

Aaron Carter Joseph Plumb Martin

Billy Crystal   John Adams

Michael Douglas       Patrick Henry

Don Francisco           Governor Galvez

                  Whoopi Goldberg     Deborah Samson

Bts talent dhoffman

Dustin Hoffman

                       Dustin Hoffman         Benedict Arnold

                       Yolanda King Elizabeth Freeman

                Liam Neeson John Paul Jones

Bts talent myork

Micheal York

Arnold Schwarzenegger      Baron von Steuben

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf   Colonel Clark

Maria Shriver Peggy Shippen

Sylvester Stallone     Paul Revere

Ben Stiller      Thomas Jefferson

Michael York Admiral Lord Howe

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